Unlike normal remodeling, when you start creating a bathroom refurbishment for a handicapped individual, I suggest you start thinking a little bit differently. What needs to be taken into account is that the whole world changes when you live it through a wheelchair and bathroom access can often be especially frustrating if you need to deal with smaller entry doors, tiny interiors and at times features could be downright unwelcoming.

One of the first things that should be taken into account when doing a bathroom refurbishment is the best way to make it more accessible for the person using it so the fist thing to consider is obviously the doorway. For comfort of entry, you will need to have at least a 36 inch wide door framed into the opening and unlike a conventional door, you must make sure that when it opens it swings outward rather than inward.

Now that we have established a comfortable way for someone to get in, let us take a good look around and determine what other items are suitable to be adjusted.

Hopefully the second thing that pops into your head as part of your bathroom refurbishment is the commode. The height in all probability will have to be raised to make it easier for a person to transfer between it and the wheelchair. Additionally you’ll want to install transfer bars on each side so a person can use their arms to move from one to the other.

From the commode, naturally a person is going to want to wash their hands. To ensure this is an easy process, use sinks that are professionally mounted to the wall, once again ensuring you pay particular attention to the height. All of the fixtures are better off being lever operated and easy to reach. Also pay attention to the mirrors so that grooming becomes easy and quick.

Be sure to provide a considerable amount of storage around the right height to be sure that cosmetics and toiletries can be easily stored and very easily reached.

Ok, now let’s get ready to tackle the shower. You’ll want to have a roll through shower installed when you plan this bathroom refurbishment. This makes getting in and getting out a breeze for anyone using a wheelchair. Many models now come built with a shower seat and again, convenient-to-use fixture.

The last item on the agenda is among the most crucial in the overall plan. And that is you want a at least 60 inches in the center of the bathroom so that a wheelchair can be maneuvered rather easily. In many cases, this might cause a problem and entail some structural changes. If it does, then before you make an effort to do so, consult a professional builder.

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